Orientation program



Relocation represents an important investment for a company.
A wrong decision can have stressful repercussions. AllRound Relocation Services (ARRS) will provide a pre-move orientation to enable the new settler to better understand his/her new surroundings.

The team at ARRS will provide you with a comprehensive questionnaire to confirm your needs and expectations. The assignment will be allocated to a trained consultant who will be with you all along your relocation. She will contact you prior to your arrival to confirm your options and will prepare a suitable orientation program.

Upon arrival, your consultant will meet you at your temporary accommodation and will provide you with an intensive introduction to your new work and living surroundings.

She will accompany you on an itinerary to overview the Real Restate Market and will provide you with guidance and advice on properties, local areas, public transports, shopping facilities and schools (if applicable).

During this drive, your consultant will do her utmost best to answer your questions. She will also assist you with your selection of properties and suggest best choice of area for your needs.

At the end of the day, your consultant will drive you back to your temporary accommodation and will abridge your specific wishes. A comprehensive "Information Kit" with a map of the area will be supplied.

Our goal : That you already feel at home in Switzerland

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