General assistance



In order to accommodate all your needs in your new country of residence,
AllRound Relocation Services can offer

° Assistance with banking formalities (opening of accounts, transfers, etc)
° Assistance with moving-in 
° Assistance with research and purchases (furniture,electrical appliances white goods, cars etc.) 
° Research and enrolment in schools, universities, professional courses etc.
° Membership to sport activities, cultural associations, etc.. 
° Rental or purchase of motor vehicle 
° Assistance with handy-workmanship (electrician, plumber, painter, cleaner etc.) 
° Assistance with child care 
° Assistance with language classes

 Assistance with official formalities

° Residential and spouse's work permit
° Car registration 
° Transfer or translation of driving licence 
° Compulsory insurances (health, car, etc.)
° School registration

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